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What is Hyblox

Hyblox, the world’s first automated blockchain as a service (BCaaS) provider, in conjunction with our partners offers end users the ability to spin up in minutes a blockchain ledger based on any of the 5 production capable blockchain frameworks offered via HyperLedger.


Users and/or companies are then able to run their virtual infrastructure (VMs and containers) directly alongside their blockchain ledger(s), enabling lightning fast transaction capability, and direct integration with blockchain technology stacks.

Unlike other current generation blockchain providers, rather than requiring a lengthy consultation cycle followed by manual provisioning, Hyblox BCaaS offers a turn-key solution, leveraging OpenShift, that enables end users direct control of both blockchain and application VM/container deployments while greatly simplifying the typically lengthy process necessary to provision blockchain and supporting technologies.


Hyblox offers a full bevy of third party applications, available to end users and customers, to provide security, app development, and app integration directly from the user console. It’s never been easier to configure and run blockchain now with Hyblox integrated blockchain rails providing automation services to the industry as a turn-key solution – an industry first.


One of our focus's

Hyperledger Fabric networks can improve supply chain processes by increasing transparency and traceability of transactions within the network. On a Fabric network, companies with access to the ledger can view the same immutable data, which enforces accountability and reduces the risk for counterfeiting.

What are the advantages of Hyperledger Fabric?

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This version’s key advantages are simplified data sharing, upgraded smart contract technology, and speedier transactions. The Linux Foundation is presently hosting the collaborative cross-industry project known as Hyperledger Fabric, which was first developed by Digital Asset and IBM.

Here are some of the notable features of Hyperledger Fabric that define its functionalities.

  • Limited latency for finality or confirmation.
  • Highly modular and permissioned architecture.
  • Open smart contract model tailored for imparting flexibility in the implementation of any solution model
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