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With the predictions of a “universal blockchain” inevitable in the foreseeable future, we believe that web3.0 ready “Corporations” will use Hyperledger fabric to their advantage based on contributions both monetarily and from a mind share perspective. Hyblox delivers Hyperledger as a platform and ASIC based block chain accelerators developed and functioning on its own hyper-fast network for next internet evolution.

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Hyblox is a “public block chain as a service provider” to offer amazon “aws like” convenience to the general market. Marrying traditional virtual infrastructure cloud like service with on demand, turnkey blockchain ledger hosting (using hyperledger), Hyblox brings service offerings to market for the first time as a hybrid offering. Much like cloud service providers (aws, Google cloud, Microsoft azure) exploding onto the scene in 2012, Hyblox aims to bring the hottest market buzzword (blockchain) to the common market with the same use of service and access already enjoyed by 10’s of millions of companies today on standard public cloud platforms.

When deploying a new blockchain, a typical use case involves the deployment of companion resources (Web 2 or Web 3 apps, peripheral databases, and application servers) alongside a self-contained, secured, and properly configured backend blockchain environment.

Accelerate the world’s transition

Hyblox designs an open source distributed ledger platform for enterprise-grade solutions. A perfect platform for developing networks and distributed ledger applications! Versatile, Module, and ultra-high performance!

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Hyperledger Fabric networks can improve supply chain processes by increasing transparency and traceability of transactions within the network. On a Fabric network, companies with access to the ledger can view the same immutable data, which enforces accountability and reduces the risk for counterfeiting.

What are the advantages of Hyperledger Fabric?
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This version’s key advantages are simplified data sharing, upgraded smart contract technology, and speedier transactions. The Linux Foundation is presently hosting the collaborative cross-industry
project known as Hyperledger Fabric, which was first developed by Digital Asset and IBM.



The traceability of precious goods is one of the biggest challenges for businesses in present times. For example, diamonds are one of the most precious physical assets. However, the diamond mining business is quite tricky as the diamonds have to pass through multiple parties before reaching stores.

Therefore, Hyperledger applications can help in resolving the troubles of fraud and double-spending in the diamond mining business. The same can be applied to different industries such as luxury fashion and jewelry manufacturers. How will Hyperledger Fabric offer value in such use cases? .

Take the example of the diamond mining business. The agents involved in diamond mining businesses can form a consortium with the help of Hyperledger Fabric. The blockchain framework can help in tracking and documenting all transactions, thereby maintaining transparency of the whole process.

2. Food Supply Chain

The biggest use case of Hyperledger Fabric is shaping up in the food supply chain management initiatives. Many companies throughout different sectors have leveraged Hyperledger for tracking product processing throughout the manufacturing journey. The Hyperledger Fabric application tutorial would also show you how companies are actively involved in using the tool for developing consortiums. Interestingly, many companies have been using Hyperledger for tracking the journey of products throughout the complete manufacturing journey. Enterprises leverage Fabric for developing consortiums that can help in improving the food supply process while also gaining customer trust.

Hperledger Fabric can enable authorized users to access food supply chain data according to their preferences. Users could check the complete history alongside the existing location of any food item. Such systems can help in identifying the source of defects easily.

3.Digital Payments

One of the notable examples of Hyperledger Fabric applications would also point at digital payments. Hyperledger offers a decentralized private blockchain network with a facility for secure transactions among two parties. Hyperledger Fabric also plans on introducing the Interledger, a distributed ledger for the financial sector.

It would use the concept of developing different ledgers for easier transaction processing through similar channels. The applications of Hyperledger Fabric in Interledger showcase the efficiency of developing international payment systems. It can also ensure seamless communication among the different payment systems.

4.Digital Identity

The outline of a Hyperledger Fabric application tutorial is incomplete without referring to the use cases in digital identity. Companies are gradually identifying the setbacks in data and network security with the radical growth in data breaches and cyber-attacks.

The conventional network security systems don’t stand up to the needs of robust security. Therefore, companies are turning towards blockchain technology for safeguarding valuable data. Applications of Hyperledger Fabric as a permissioned blockchain could help in controlling access to digital credentials effectively.

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5. B2B Contracts

The final addition among the examples of applications of Hyperledger Fabric would refer to B2B contracts. Enterprises can remove the need for codifying business contracts, which can help in driving automation of contractual agreements. Considered one of the best Hyperledger Fabric application example, B2B contracts give adequate room for value-based benefits. Enterprises could use smart contracts to ensure automation of contractual agreements among different parties.

In addition, the cryptographic properties of blockchain can help in securing the information in contractual agreements between two or multiple parties. The network-within-network architecture of Hyperledger Fabric turns up the most favorable benefits in this case. The separate channels for interactions between parties ensure that the information in B2B contracts is completely secure.


Blockchain Solution

Hyblox designs an open source distributed ledger platform for enterprise-grade solutions. A perfect platform for developing networks and distributed ledger applications! Versatile, Module, and ultra-high performance!

Safe and secure

Hyblox provides a secure, highly integrated combination of traditional cloud hosting resources (compute, networking, storage) alongside blockchain ledger systems to users of the Hyblox platform such that all services are deployed within their own ecosystems, ready to work upon completion of provisioning

Save TIme

This approach dramatically reduces development time by eliminating the setup and provisioning of resources typically required by end users and developers.

Smooth Functioning

Within minutes provides a fully operating, secured platform that allows DevOps or ready-to-run Enterprise applications to be deployed immediately alongside a ledger or set of ledgers nearly instantaneously.

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