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When deploying a new blockchain, a typical use case involves the deployment of companion resources (Web 2 or Web 3 apps, peripheral databases, and application servers) alongside a self-contained, secured, and properly configured backend blockchain environment.

Aws Like Convenience

Utilize the worlds first public block chain as a service provider to offer amazon “aws like” convenience to the general market. Marrying traditional virtual infrastructure cloud like service with on demand, turnkey blockchain ledger hosting (using hyperledger), Hyblox brings service offerings to market for the first time as a hybrid offering.

Easy Access

Much like cloud service providers (aws, Google cloud, Microsoft azure) exploding onto the scene in 2012, Hyblox aims to bring the hottest market buzzword (blockchain) to the common market with the same use of service and access already enjoyed by 10’s of millions of companies today on standard public cloud platforms

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